Lancaster Gifts offers custom monogramming and embroidery on a wide variety of our products in order for our customers to make their product unique.  Each of our products that embroidery is available for has a text box order form on the Product Details Page for you to specify what you would like to have embroidered.  Below you will see instructions for how to fill out the order form in order to make it easier for us to process and complete your order in the shortest amount of time possible.



Please choose the type of embroidery you would like from the Embroidery Drop-Down Menu.  The choices are Single-Initial, Traditional Monogram, and Name.



Please choose the font you prefer from the Font Drop-Down Menu on the Product Details Page for your product.  Below is a link to view the fonts as they will appear on your product.

Fancy Vines:Free Image Hosting at

Circle Block:Free Image Hosting at

Circle Script:Free Image Hosting at


Please choose your color from the Embroidery Colors Drop-Down Menu.  


Standard size for an Initial or 3-initial Monogram is Five (5) inch Letter height.  This will vary depending on which product is being embroidered.  This will also be the standard height for a name, depending on how long the name is you would like to be embroidered.  



Special Orders:

We strive to satisfy our customers, and if you would like something even more unique embroidered, then we will try our hardest to accommodate any special orders and custom monogramming.  In order to request a special order simply email request your to [email protected]